Negotiability of Jizera and water levels

The River Jizera rises in mountains and the substantiality of its stream is dependent on the rainfall in the Jizera Mountains, Giant Mountains and the area around Železný Brod and Semily. The most frequented tourist route between Malá Skála and Dolánky is negotiable for most of the year and only very rarely (when there is extremely low water level in summer months) aren’t some parts negotiable. However, those are just short parts, which can be easily forded.

If you want to go on Jizera, but you don’t know whether the water level allows sailing it also on the other parts of the river, ask at our Žlutá plovárna (tel.: +420 775 580 388) or visit web Povodí Labe, which runs monitoring stations along the whole reaches of Jizera.


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