There are 2 main tracks for in-line skating in Dolánky u Turnova.

1. track

Dolánky - Loužek - Dolánky

From our base in Dolánky go down the cyclopath Greenway Jizera to Rakousy and Malá Skála. Road is almost straight so it is great for beginners. On this track you will also see restaurant Zrcadlová Koza. Asphalt road ends in village Loužek from where you can go back to Dolánky.

Údolí Jizery k doláneckému jezu Začátek osady Loužek Osada Loužek

2. track

Dolánky - Bartošova pec - Dolánky

You will set off from Dolánky via the blue trail blaze, which runs through a beautiful valley of the Vazovecký stream, past the mysterious Bezednice, historical fish keeps with trout, former mill houses and old buildings. There is a new asphalt road running through the whole valley and that’s why this part is plenteously visited by in-line skaters. At the end of the valley of Vazovec is located Bartošova pec, which is an embouchure of a large underground cave, through which flows a mighty spring, creating the above mentioned Vazovecký stream outside. From this point, you will return the same route back to Dolánky. The route is undemanding and suitable also for small children.

Stezka k prameni Bartošova pec Bartošova pec

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