Equipment of the scooter rental

We offer 3 basic types of scooters:

- with large wheels
- with medium wheels
- with small wheels

The scooters with large wheels are called KOSTKA TOUR and are suitable for longer trips. The KOSTKA TOUR scooter is ideal for everyone, without distinction of age and gender.

koloběžka pro dospělé kostka tour

The KOSTKA HILL scooter with middle sized wheels is more sporty and dynamic and fit for the first contact with scooter. They are also suitable for long trips.

sportovní koloběžka pro děti i dospěle kostka hill

The KOSTKA KID mini scooters with small wheels are for the youngest, ideal for learning how to balance. Thanks to their geometry provide those scooters the small ones with all the comfort they need.

koloběžka pro děti kostka kid mini


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