Programmes in the rope centre

Adventure in paradise

A programme lasting 2-3 hours. There is a lot of action waiting for you during your journey: team games and low-based ropes for warming up at the beginning, then you will be trained in climbing, securing and safe movement in the heights. After that you will move to the area of high-based ropes and start your journey from the easiest to the most difficult obstacles. There are obstacles for both individuals and teams.

5 obstacles

Choose your own 5 obstacles according to your experience, age or skills. You will be safely fastened, and there is an instructor at every obstacle guiding and securing you.

3 obstacles

The shorter variant is a choice of 3 obstacles and descend by the cable way. The procedure is the same as at the previous programme. The obstacles are, again, chosen by the visitor and according to the recommendation of the instructor. 


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