Boat rental gear

We have more than 100 Samba canoes from Železný company, 10 plastic kayaks for white water, Colorado rafts from Czech company Gumotex and modern solid and inflatable paddleboards (an inflatable surf with a long paddle) in our boat rental Žlutá plovárna on rivers Jizera and Nisa. There is also a lot of additional equipment available: paddles, life jackets, waterproof barrels in two sizes for transporting your things, helmets, throwline bags, ropes, sponges for draining water from the boat, first aid kits and much more…

Boat rental Malá Skála Žlutá Plovárna offers:

We are not just a boat rental, we also have a personal experience with water sports and boating and we will be glad to share our experience with you. Our skilled instructors will not only borrow you all the equipment, they will also explain everything to you and will help you anyhow you need. If you are interested in how to control the boat and what the good manners on the river are, you can join our boating school for adults and children.

We will transport the boats wherever you want, but you can also use the services of our area in Malá Skála or Dolánky u Turnova – parking, toilets, refreshment, bathing in the river, playgrounds,…We are looking forward to your visit!

 That’s how it looks in Žlutá plovárna in Malá Skála:

Lodě - kanoe - před budovou Žluté plovárny na Malé Skále Žlutá plovárna - paddleboard

Žlutá plovárna - rodinný výlet na kanoi Žlutá plovárna - rafty

Žlutá plovárna - paddleboarding Žlutá plovárna - rafty na jizeře



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